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Operating System

Installing Juno 4.0

To install Juno from a CD, just insert the CD in your CD drive and follow the prompts that appear on your screen.

Common installation problems

  • The CD does not install automatically
  • Juno says to click "Install," but there is no "Install" button
  • Corrupt installation detected
  • Cannot create a free email account
  • Address Book and mail folders missing after upgrade

    The CD does not install automatically

    If no prompts appear on your screen after you insert the Juno CD in your CD-ROM drive:

    1. Click the Windows Start button and select Run.
    2. Type d:setup in the Open box. (If D:\ is not the letter of your CD-ROM drive, use your CD-ROM's drive letter instead.)
    3. Click OK.

    Juno should walk you through the rest of the installation.

    Juno says to click "Install," but there is no "Install" button
    (Fixed for version 3.0 and higher.)

    The Juno installer for the preview release of Juno 3.0 does not display properly for large fonts in Windows. The Install button, although not displayed, is still on your screen. When Juno asks you to click the button, press Enter on your keyboard to continue.

    Corrupt installation detected

    If you receive the error message corrupt installation detected when installing Juno 4.0 from a CD, it usually indicates that the installation was interrupted and you do not have the complete setup file. Please try installing Juno again.

    Cannot create a Free Email Account

    The Juno 4.0 software can be used for all levels of the Juno service -- Juno Platinum and the Free Internet Service. Using Juno 4.0 does not imply any obligation to sign up for Juno Platinum, although we certainly hope you will try out the services.

    To sign up for a Juno service:

    1. When you get to the screen which says Sign Up for Juno Platinum!, click Next if you would like to sign up for Juno Platinum. Otherwise, click Learn More About Other Services.
    2. If you would like to sign up for Juno Platinum, click Next. Otherwise, click Learn More About Other Services.
    3. If you would like to sign up for the Free service, click Next and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Address Book and mail folders missing after upgrade

    When you cannot find your mail folders or your Address Book after upgrading, it is usually because you have installed the upgrade into a completely new folder instead of installing it over the existing version of Juno on your computer.

    To find out if this is the case:

    1. Click the Windows Start button.
    2. Select Find and then Files or Folders.
    3. Type juno.exe in the Named box and click Find Now. juno.exe is the file that runs the Juno software. If you find more than one copy of this file, you have installed Juno in more than one place on your computer.
    4. To find out which juno.exe is your old copy of Juno, double-click on each file and see which version of Juno it launches.

    We recommend that you install the upgrade on top of your older copy of Juno. If you received new mail since upgrading, you should back it up so you can import it into your old copy. See the directions below for backing up mail and installing the upgrade again.

    1. In the Find Files box, there should be a column labeled In Folder. Copy down the location listed there for your old copy of Juno (with all your saved mail). If the address is too long to display, you can widen the column by dragging the header to the right.

    If you would like to save the any mail you received in the new version of Juno, go into the new version and save all your messages to a folder named new.

    1. Go to the File menu and select Export folder.
    2. Select new.
    3. In the Save in box, select Desktop. (You may need to scroll up to see this.)
    4. In File name, type new, and click Save.
    5. Exit out of Juno. If you look at your Windows Desktop (the default Windows screen), you should see a new icon labeled new.frm. That is the Juno folder you exported.
    6. Install Juno 4.0. On the second screen, there will be a box labeled Destination folder. If the location listed there does not match the location you found in step 1, click Browse, enter the location you found, and click OK.
    7. Follow the directions on the screen to finish installing Juno. When you enter Juno, you should see your old mail folders and your Address Book.
    8. To import the new mail folder that you saved in steps 1-5, go to the File menu and select Import folder.
    9. Change Look in to Desktop. You should see all the files saved your Desktop appear, including new.frm, your Juno mail folder.
    10. Double-click on new.frm. Juno will ask you what you want to name your new folder.
    11. Type new and click OK. Your new folder will appear on the Read screen.

    Other questions about getting started

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    Installing Juno 4.0Learn how to solve common installation and account creation problems.
    Using your account on more than one computerWhether you use Juno's Platinum or Free service, it is easy to use your Juno account from more than one location.

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