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Using your account on multiple computers (Juno 4.0)

If you use two or more computers (for example, one at work and another at home) you can use your Juno account on as many of them as you like, regardless of whether you use Juno Platinum or Free Internet service.

If you already have Juno on a second computer and you just signed up for Juno Platinum, your service will be activated on each new computer the first time you connect to get your mail.

To set up your Juno account on an additional computer:

  1. Install Juno on the new computer.
  2. Start Juno.
  3. On the first screen you see, click Import Account.

Tip:Your old email messages and Address Book are stored on your computer, not Juno's central computers. If you want access to these messages from another computer, you need to export your mail folders from your old account and import them into the new account. In order to import your account, you need to enter your password. You may experience one of the following problems:

  • You forgot your password
  • You get the error "Invalid password or username" even though you are certain the password is correct

    Password requests

    Send a mail to from the Juno account for which you need the password. Your request should be processed within one business day.

    If you are writing from an account other than the Juno account (for which you need the password), send a mail to with your Juno email ID (that is your Juno user name) and the PIN (Personal Identification Number) associated with your Juno account. You will receive a response in one business day.

      Free members can retrieve their password using the PIN and 10-digit account number by calling our support hotline at 1 (888) 839-JUNO [1-800-654-5866].

      Platinum members can retrieve their password using the credit card number associated with their account by calling our support hotline at 1 (888) 839-JUNO [1-800-654-5866].

      If you do not have a PIN and would like to create one, click here.

      Note: You need your Password to create your PIN.

    Invalid password or username

    If you get this error and are certain that you have entered the correct email address and password combination, the error indicates that you have disabled access to your Juno account from more than one computer. To be able to import this account, you'll have to go back to the other computer and enable remote access by following these steps:

    1. Go to the Options menu and select Password and Security.
    2. Check Allow access to my account from other computers by clicking inside the box.
    3. Click OK. Juno will connect to the central computers to update the status of your account. You should now be able to import your account onto any computer with Juno installed on it.

    Other questions about getting started

    System requirementsCheck to see whether your computer meets the system requirements for Juno 4.0.
    Installing Juno 4.0Learn how to solve common installation and account creation problems.
    Using your account on more than one computerWhether you use Juno's Platinum or Free service, it is easy to use your Juno account from more than one location.

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