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Backing Up User Information (Juno 5.0)

You can install Juno 5.0 on top of previous versions of the Juno software without losing any of your saved user information, such as your email messages and Address Book. If, however, you want to be especially careful, we recommend creating a backup copy of your user information before upgrading.

To back up your user information:

  1. Make sure you exit Juno.
  2. Click the Windows Start button, point to Programs, point to Juno, and click Juno System Information.
  3. In the text file that appears, scroll to the section labeled [Juno Users]. This section contains the name and location of the USER folders for each Juno account on your computer.
  4. In this section, find the line of text that contains your user name. For example, the line could look like this: yourusername=C:\Juno\USER0002. In this example, your USER folder name is USER0002 and is located in the Juno folder.
  5. Write the location of your USER folder (the text after the equal sign) on a piece of paper. So, for the above example, you would write C:\Juno\USER0002.
  6. Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, locate and open your USER folder. If you need to, refer to the location you previously wrote down.
  7. In your USER folder, select and copy the following files:
  • addrbook.nv (This file is your Address Book).
  • director.frm (This file contains a list of all your email folders).
  • All files that begin with "fold" (These files are your individual email folders).
  • To select them all at the same time, click the first file in the list, and then press and hold Ctrl while you click each of the other files you want to copy.
  1. Paste these files into another location on your computer. For example, you can paste them on your desktop, or you can create a specific folder to contain your backup copies.
  2. If there is more than one Juno account on your computer, repeat this procedure for each account you want to back up.

Right after you upgrade, check your Address Book and email messages and folders to make sure you have not lost any information. In the unlikely event that you have, all you need to do is restore this information.

Tip: Once you have 5.0 installed, you can use the new Juno Backup Wizard to easily back up, restore, or even move your email messages, Address Book, user preferences and much more! For more information about the Juno Backup Wizard, click here.

If you find that you need to restore your user information, be sure to do it right away.

To restore your user information:

  1. Make sure you exit Juno.
  2. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to locate and copy your user information (addrbook.nv, director.frm, and all the files that begin with "fold") that you previously backed up.
  3. Find and open your USER folder. If you need to, refer to step 2 of the previous procedure. If you installed Juno 5.0 in a different folder than your previous Juno version, make sure you locate your USER folder in Juno 5.0.
  4. Paste all the files in your USER folder.
  5. A screen may appear asking if you want to replace the existing files. If you are sure that you want to replace your existing files with the files you saved, click Yes.

Start Juno, log in to your account, and check for your Address Book and email messages and folders.

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