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Operating System

I lose my DSL connection when answering a phone call.

If you lose your Internet connection when answering an incoming phone call, it is likely because of interference between your DSL and phone voice signals. To resolve this problem:

  • Check to be sure all of your phone devices (phone, answering machine, fax, satellite TV, etc) are correctly and securely connected to a phone jack filter.
  • Check that your DSL modem is connected to the DSL/HPNA port in its phone jack filter.
  • If all of the connections are secure, unplug your phone voice devices one at a time, and test your connection to check to see if one of the filters is faulty.
  • Service disruption is also often related to bad weather, such as extreme cold or rain.
  • Faulty phone wiring can also cause poor or inconsistent DSL service. Please contact your phone company to repair any wiring issues.

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