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What is Norton AntiVirus?

As part of your NetZero DSL package you get a free subscription to Norton AntiVirus Online, which provides comprehensive virus prevention, threat detection, and repair for your computer by automatically detecting and removing or quarantining known viruses, worms, and other threats.

Norton AntiVirus Online detects viruses and other potential risks in instant messenger attachments, email messages, Internet downloads, and other files. Norton AntiVirus automatically updates its list of virus definitions, meaning you are always protected from the latest threat.

Norton AntiVirus also includes expanded detection of both known and emerging threats, such as Spyware and other files that could put your computer at risk. Norton AntiVirus also scans files inside of compressed files.

Norton AntiVirus continually monitors your computer and protects it from known and unknown threats by:

  • Auto-Protect loads into memory when Windows starts, providing constant protection while you work.
  • Automatic scanning for viruses every time you use software programs on your computer, insert floppy disks or other removable media, access the Internet, or use document files you receive or create.
  • Constant monitoring of your computer for any unusual symptoms that might indicate an active threat.
  • LiveUpdate automatically keeps your virus definitions up to date.
  • Email protection scans all incoming and outgoing email messages, preventing your computer and other computers from infection.
  • Instant messenger protection prevents any viruses, worms, or spyware from infecting your computer during an IM chat session.
  • Bloodhound technology detects new and unknown viruses by analyzing a suspicious file's structure, behavior, and other attributes such as programming logic, computer instructions, and any data contained in the file.
  • Password protection protects Norton AntiVirus options from unauthorized changes.
  • Norton Quick Scan automatically runs once LiveUpdate updates your computer with program updates and virus definitions, checking for infections throughout your computer.

You can also upgrade to Norton Internet Security, which offers all the protection of Norton AntiVirus, but includes a personal firewall, spam and pop-up blockers, and customizable security settings if you have more than one computer on a home network. Click here if you'd like to upgrade to Norton Internet Security.

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