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Operating System

What pay services does Juno offer?

Juno offers several Pay Service options in addition to its Free Service:

1. Juno Accelerated Dial-up

Juno Accelerated Dial-up provides a faster Web surfing experience using your existing phone jack and modem. Juno Accelerated Dial-up requires NO additional equipment and NO waiting! It is the high-speed surfing solution with the convenience of dial-up.

For $29.95 USD per month, you will receive:

  • Juno accelerated surfing experience, up to 5X faster through your existing phone jack!
  • The ultra-thin Juno Toolbar with no advertising banners.
  • Personalized My Juno start page.
  • Unlimited Internet access*
  • Juno MegaMail to enhance your Email on the Web experience

If you are already a Juno member and would like to upgrade your service to Juno Accelerated Dial-up, please click here.

If you are not a Juno member and would like to sign-up, please click here.

2. Juno MegaMail and MegaMail Plus

Juno MegaMail and MegaMail Plus are premium email services that can enhance your Juno Email on the Web experience.

Juno MegaMail Features

The following chart illustrates Juno MegaMail's different features:

Email Service Comparison      MegaMail      MegaMail Plus
Annual Price(NOTE: Price is yearly, not monthly)$21.95/year$34.95/year
Mailbox Storage2GB5GB
Block List Addresses15002000
Mail Forwarding
Check all your email accounts from one place
Automatically Saves Message Drafts
Automatically Refreshing Inbox

To sign up for Juno MegaMail or Juno MegaMail Plus, click here.

3. Juno's Free Service

Juno's Free Service is still available and provides Internet access for up to 10 hours per calendar month**. Members will continue to receive the same high-quality access to the Internet that they have come to rely on with Juno's service, including:

  • Free Email on the Web accounts
  • Fast and reliable connections
  • Compatibility with popular instant messaging programs
  • Thousands of access numbers

*We reserve the right to impose hourly usage limitations.

**The 10-hour per month limit is per household and we assume that each household has only one computer and one phone line. If you are sharing a computer or phone line with other Juno users, your hourly usage will be aggregated with those users - even if they have separate Member IDs.

Note: The hourly limit listed above is current as of 03/01/04.

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