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Does Juno offer family accounts or more than one email address per account?

For security reasons, we do not allow family accounts (multiple email addresses associated with one paid account). At the same time, however, a household can have an unlimited number of free email accounts, so you can easily share Juno with your family and all maintain private email addresses.

To do this, one family member can sign up for one of Juno's premium services with an email address like the "" Any family member can use this account to connect to the Web with the premium service privileges. (Like AOL, only one person can connect to the Web through this account at the same time.) Then, each family member can sign up for a free Internet service account, creating his or her own email address, which they can use to read and write mail. These additional accounts are free, so everyone can enjoy Juno for the price of one premium service account.

Here is an example:

Dad creates a Juno Platinum premium account, which he uses to connect to the Internet, and creates the email address "" Mom and the two kids also use this account to connect to the Internet. At the same time, each person in the family has created their own Free Internet service account with their own email address, for free (in order to have a private account all their own).

Please note that the benefits of Platinum service only apply to the account that pays for it. Any additional accounts in a household are considered free accounts, unless they also sign up for Platinum service.

To create a new account in Juno 5.0:

  1. Start Juno.
  2. The Welcome to Juno screen will appear, click Create Account.
  3. Follow the Juno Signup wizard to create and establish a new Juno account. If you need help on a particular screen of the wizard, click the Help button located in the lower-left corner of the screen.

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