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Anti-Virus Software

Juno provides information on the following products and services as a courtesy to Juno members. Juno does not endorse, nor is it affiliated with these products or services in any way. Juno members who choose to use these products do so with the understanding that Juno is not responsible for providing technical support regarding the use of these products. All products are subject to price changes.

McAfee VirusScan Home Edition 7.0$59.99 downloaded / $69.99 shipped14 daysOnline
Norton Anti-Virus 2003$49.95 - Upgrade price is $29.9530 daysOnline
Trend Micro PC-cillin 2003$49.95 30 daysOnline

Vintage Solutions, INC
1172 S. Main St. Suite 194
Salinas, California 93901
Fax: 408-362-2534
Product and Download Information: Click Here

ANTIDOTE Super Lite offers a simple package that scans your computer for the latest viruses from Vintage Solutions' virus database. The Super Lite version is free and available for everyone, with definition updates every 7-10 days.

McAfee VirusScan Home Edition 7.0
Professional version available
$59.99 downloaded / $69.99 shipped14 daysOnline
3965 Freedom Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Product information: Click Here
Download Trial Software:Click Here

VirusScan provides desktop protection with a variety of scanning features that aid you in keeping your system clean from most viruses. VirusScan can detect viruses on floppy disks, Internet downloads, email attachments, Intranets, shared files, CD-ROM and on-line services, including most compressed file types.

Norton Anti-Virus 2003$49.95 - Upgrade price is $29.9530 daysOnline
Symantec Corporation
175 West Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401
Product Information: Click Here

Norton Anti-Virus remains in full Windows mode while providing basic instructions on what action to take when a virus is detected. It scans incoming email products, preventing most viruses from even entering your system. Norton Anti-Virus detects and repairs viruses in compressed files, including those in multiple compressed layers.

Trend Micro PC-cillin 2003 $49.95 30 daysOnline
Trend Micro
Product Information: Click Here
Download Trial Software: Click Here

PC-cillin's Scan Wizard walks you through the process of detecting and eradicating viruses from your computer. You can set up customer scanning tasks that you may recall later. PC-cillin's Scan Wizard quarantines infected files or suspect files to help prevent further spread of infection. Trend Virus Doctors host on-line chat to answer your questions and provide you advice.

Other questions about viruses:

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