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Operating System
Getting Started

Sign up for Norton 360™ Online
Installing Norton 360™ Online
Getting your PIN
Activating Norton 360™ Online
Norton 360™ Online system requirements

Billing and Account

How much does Norton 360™ Online cost?
What are my payment options?
How can I check my account?
When do I get billed?


Message: "Activation not complete: No response
       received from the Symantec server" when I activate
       Norton 360™ Online Version 4.0
Error: "8504,104" after I install Norton 360™ Online
       Version 4.0
Error: "Invalid Product Key" when I install Norton 360™        Online Version 4.0
Error: "You have exceeded the allowable number of
       installs" when I activate Norton 360™ Online Version
Error: "Another version of a Norton or Symantec
       product has been detected on this computer..." when I
       install Norton 360™ Online Version 4.0
Error: "Symantec Service Framework has encountered
       a problem and needs to close..." after I install Norton
       360 Version 4.0

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is Norton 360™ Online?
What do I do if my computer is infected?
How do I use AutoProtect?
How do I use Parental Control?
How do I get a copy of Norton 360™ Online?

Norton 360™ Online PC Security

How do I scan for viruses?
How do I use the firewall?
How do I use Identity Protection?

Norton 360™ Online Backup

What is Norton 360™ Online Backup?
How do I back up my files?
How do I restore my files?

Norton 360™ Online PC Tuneup

How do I run Disk Optimization?
How do I run File Cleanup?

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Norton 360™ Online product manual

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