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How do I back up my files?

Note: For Norton 2012 product information, please click here

When using Norton 360™ Online Backup for the first time, you will need to configure your backup settings:
  1. Start Norton 360™ Online, mouse over the Backup section and select Manage Backup Sets.
  2. Create your Backup Set by clicking on the dropdown menu next to Backup Set Name and selecting DefaultSet. If you wish to rename it, click the Rename backup set link on the right. To create a new set, click on the Create New Backup Set link.
  3. Click on the What tab to select which files you want to backup in this Set (i.e., if you created a Backup Set called Pictures you would put a check mark next to Pictures). Click Save Settings when done.
  4. Click on the Where tab to specify where you want to backup your files. The default location C:\, however, if you want to backup your files to an external drive, select that (note: the external drive must be connected to your computer before you run the backup process). Click Save Settings when done.
  5. Click on the When tab to select when to run your backup. Click on the dropdown menu and choose between Automatic (Recommended), Weekly, Monthly, or Manual Schedule. Click Save Settings when done.
Note: You cannot back up your data to a CD or DVD if you select the Automatic (Recommended), Weekly, or Monthly option. You need to select the Manual Schedule option to back up your data to a CD or DVD.Your computer's performance is maximized if you schedule to perform your critical operations when your computer is idle. When you schedule backup weekly or monthly and check the Run only at idle time option, Norton 360 backs up your files when your computer is idle. It is recommended to check the Run only at idle time option to experience better performance of your computer.

To backup your files:
  1. In the Norton 360 main window, click Backup, and then click Run Backup Now.
  2. Follow any instructions for performing the backup that Norton 360 provides.
  3. For example, if you choose to back up your files to CDs, then Norton 360 asks you to insert a recordable CD.
  4. In the Backup window, click Close.

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