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Operating System

What are the different scan types?

Note: For Norton 2012 product information, please click here

Norton 360™ Online provides different types and levels of scan to check your computer for infection:
  1. Computer Scan:

  2. This scan type checks for the check for threats and free disk face. The following are the different levels.
    • Quick Scan:
      A Quick Scan checks the most important sections of your computer, including the startup programs, registry files, and memory. This level is recommended for regularly scanning your computer to ensure safety. Since this level does not scan your entire computer, it takes less time to run than a Full System Scan.
    • Full System Scan:
      A Full System Scan thoroughly examines your entire computer for viruses, spyware, and different security vulnerabilities, checking every file on your hard drive(s). A Full System Scan is recommended when you first install Norton 360™ Online, and if you suspect that your computer might be infected with a virus, Trojan Horse, spyware, or other malicious program. Along with checking for infection, a Comprehensive Scan also backs up your files, frees up disk space on your hard drive(s), and optimizes your computer performance. Depending on the size of your computer, a Full System Scan may take more than two hours to complete.
    • Custom Scan:
      Custom Scan allows you to choose which components of the scan you want to run, and which parts of the computer to scan. You can choose to run a Live Update to download the latest protection updates before scanning; include a virus and spyware scan, and select which PC Tuneup features to run, such as removing temporary Internet files or optimizing your hard disk.
    • Custom Task:
      Runs LiveUpdate, backup, and tuneup tasks. Runs LiveUpdate, backs up your data, frees disk space, and optimizes your disk volume.

  3. Reputation Scan:

  4. This scan provides information on the trust-worthiness of all programs and processes that are running on your computer. It helps you detect the files that are suspicious or vulnerable using reputation-based threat detection. The reputation-based security technology provides reputation ratings for every file on the Internet based on the information that is collected from millions of Norton customers. You can run the following levels of Reputation Scans:
    • Quick Scan:
      This level scans the locations of your computer that viruses and other security threats often target. When you perform a Quick Scan, Norton 360 scans only the loaded programs and the running processes.
    • Full System Scan:
      This level scans all the Files of Interest that are available on your computer. When you perform a Full System Scan, Norton 360 searches for Files of Interest in all the locations on your computer. These locations include all drives, running processes, loaded programs, and startup files.
    • Custom Scan:
      This level scans a specific file, folder, drive, or removable drive. When you perform a custom scan, Norton 360 considers only the filtered reputation files.

  5. Scan Facebook Wall:

  6. This type of scan lets you scan the links and URLs that are available on your Facebook Wall. When you click the Scan Facebook Wall option, Norton 360 takes you to the Facebook login Web page. After you log in to your Facebook profile, Norton Safe Web prompts for your permission to include Norton Safe Web app and access your Facebook Wall. You can use the Go to App option to include Norton Safe Web app in your Facebook.

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