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Operating System

Interactive Beginner Basics - Macintosh

We will be developing an Interactive Beginner Basics section for Macintosh in the near future.

In the meantime, we have helpful browser walkthroughs for both Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 7 for OS 9.

Internet Explorer 5 for OS 9

Mac OS 9 comes with a minimum of Internet Explorer 4.5, and later versions have 5.0. The following pages, which pertain to Internet Explorer 5.0 for OS 9, will help you make the most of your browser.

Configure the Browser and Home Page
Make Internet Explorer the default Web browser
Delete the Temporary Internet Files
Empty the History folder
Change your "Cookie" preferences
Get the Toolbar back into view

Netscape 7 for Mac OS 9

Configure the Browser and Home Page
Make Netscape Communicator the Default Web Browser
View your Cache Files
Clear the Disk Cache
Clear the History Folder
Get the Toolbar back into view

If you would like to download Netscape 7 for Mac OS 9 (19.9 MB), click here.

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