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What is Norton Internet Security Online?

Juno has partnered with Symantec to provide protection against a wide variety of Internet security threats by offering security products like Norton AntiVirus Online and Norton Internet Security Online.

Norton Internet Security Online includes a suite of security tools that help keep your computer safe from security threats and privacy intrusions.

Norton Internet Security Online features include:

Personal Firewall

  • Protects your computer from Internet attacks, dangerous Web content, port scans, and other suspicious behavior

    Intrusion Detection

  • Scans each piece of information that enters and exits your computer and automatically blocks any Internet attacks.

    Outbreak Alert

  • Notifies you of security threats affecting Internet users worldwide and recommends actions to ensure that you are protected.

    Network Detector

  • Lets you customize security settings for different networks. This makes it easy for mobile users who connect to the Internet from the road to stay protected at all times.
  • Lets you customize security settings for individual Web sites without leaving your browser.

    Privacy Control

  • Gives you several levels of control over the kind of information that users can send via the Web, email, and instant messenger programs.

    Alert Assistant

  • Helps you understand security issues, suggests how you can resolve problems, and advises you on avoiding future security problems.

    Parental Control

  • Lets parents choose the Web sites and newsgroups that their children can visit and the types of Internet programs that children can use.

    Password protection

  • Protects Norton Internet Security options from unauthorized changes.


  • Loads into memory when Windows starts, providing constant protection while you work.
  • Checks for viruses every time that you use software programs on your computer, insert floppy disks or other removable media, access the Internet, or use document files that you receive or create.
  • Monitors your computer for any unusual symptoms that may indicate an active threat.

    Automatic LiveUpdate

  • Updates your program and virus definitions automatically.

    Email protection

  • Protects incoming and outgoing email messages, preventing your computer and other computers from infection.

    Instant messenger protection

  • Scans for and detects viruses in instant messenger attachments.

    Bloodhound Technology

  • Detects new and unknown viruses by analyzing an executable file's structure, behavior, and other attributes such as programming logic, Computer instructions, and any data that is contained in the file.

    Password protection

  • Protects Norton AntiVirus options from unauthorized changes.

    Norton Quick Scan

  • Automatically runs once LiveUpdate updates your computer with program updates and virus definitions. Checks for infections that have processes running in memory and infections that are referenced by start-up folders and files.

    Security risk scan

  • By default, manual and scheduled scans search for spy ware, Ad ware, and other security risks. On Windows XP and Windows2000, Auto-Protect scans for these items as well.

    Security risk restore

  • If a scan removes a security risk program that another program relies on for functionality, you can restore the security risk program using Quarantine.

    Security risk assessment

  • If you are unsure how to handle a program classified as a security risk, you can view the security risk assessment, which describes the level of impact a security risk program has on your computer. You can access the security risk assessment from the Detail View, which is available when scan results require input before resolving a security risk program.

    Integration with email programs

  • Adds buttons to the toolbar in supported email programs, if you choose

    Allowed and Blocked lists

  • Uses user-defined address list to expedite scanning of email.
  • Accepts all mail from Allowed list.
  • Treats all mail from Blocked list as spam.
  • Allows and blocks email from entire domains as well as individual email addresses.

    Automatic import of addresses

  • Automatically imports lists of addresses from supported email programs to keep your list of allowed email senders in sync, if you choose


  • Uses outgoing mail to refine spam definition.
  • Adds the recipients of your email to the Allowed list, if you choose Prevents spammers from using your personal email addresses to get around the spam filter

    Custom spam rules

  • Lets you identify email addresses and text that should and should not be filtered

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