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Printing Pages

Most pages on the Web are printer friendly, and just hitting the Print button on your browser's toolbar will give you an easy to read hard-copy. Occasionally, however, you will try to print a page and find that portions of text are cut off.

Why is this?

It's because certain pages use something called frames, which separate the Web page into different sections, like slices of pie. Each frame acts as a smaller, independent page from other frames. This might be used so that a menu at the top or left side of the screen doesn't move when you scroll down to read the text inside the main portion of the screen.

What does that mean?

It means that if you want to print a Web page with text contained in a frame, you need to tell the computer that you want it to only print that frame. Normally, the browser will try to print what it sees on the screen, and that usually cuts-off the contents of certain frames.

Left-clicking in the section you want to print, clicking on the File menu, and selecting Print will do the trick. You can also right-click inside the frame you want to print and select Print from the options.

How to Save Trees

Both Netscape Navigator and some of the newer versions of Internet Explorer have a Print Preview feature found in the File menu. This will let you see what you're printing before you put actual ink on paper, and can save you from printing unwanted pages. Use this feature wisely!

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